Smoking Cessation

Laser Therapy for Quitting Smoking

If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking we have the most advanced treatment for helping people to quit forever.

Our method treats both the physical and emotional sources of the addiction to nicotine. Because we know that everyone reacts differently, the program is tailored to each individuals needs.

The one time fee of $350.00 includes the initial 1 hour initial session and Laser treatment and two follow up treatments, to ensure you remain smoke free.

Just think, for less than the cost of smoking for one month, you can be Free!!

How Does Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation Work?

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, ear acupuncture—also known as auricular-therapy—targets specific ear points that are used to release neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, the pleasure centers of the brain, which help to break the addiction cycle. When you stimulate an acupuncture point on your ear or on your body, your brain can release the neurotransmitters that eliminate cravings from addiction withdrawal.

What to Expect During the Session

During the initial session we will discuss your lifestyle, the role smoking plays in your life, when and where you smoke, the factors that lead you to smoke and your dependency level. This will help us create a tailored plan to help you overcome smoking.

Treatment is given using the finest low-level laser equipment on the market today. The LLLT “cold” Laser is used to stimulate specific points on the ears, face, and hands, and legs (laser acupuncture), which helps to alleviate the withdrawal and craving symptoms associated with quitting smoking by increasing the natural endorphins in the body. The endorphins will build up in the body over the first 24 to 48 hours.

You may feel a slight warm or tingling sensation, but many of our clients feel nothing. As the points are stimulated with the laser light, your body will begin to release endorphins and other powerful neuro-chemicals which cause a pleasant sense of relaxation

How Will I Feel After the Laser Therapy Treatment?

Most people feel quite relaxed after the treatment. Laser therapy also helps reduce anxiety and stress associated with quitting smoking. It may take a few hours for the effects to become apparent, but within 24 hours after the initial treatment, most people have very few cravings or none at all.

Smoking Cessation

If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking, we have the most advanced treatment using Theralase Laser to effectively help people to quit smoking. Includes intake and laser treatment and two follow up 45 minute laser treatments

Initial visit: 60 min

Price: $350.00

How Do I Prepare for the Treatment?

  • Set a date to stop smoking and call us to make an appointment.
  • Keep a diary for a day or two. Note down for a short period of time why, when , where , with whom you smoke and the number of cigarettes.
  • Think about your reasons for quitting smoking and write them down. This can include saving money, being healthier, for the sake of your family or just because you want to be free of the addiction. Keep the list somewhere handy to remind you why you quit.
  • Inform your family and friends that you are going to stop smoking and ask them for support.
  • Find others who would like to quit smoking and agree to support each other.
  • Get rid of lighters, ashtrays and matches and make sure you don’t have any cigarettes around.
  • Remove smoke residue by cleaning your clothes, inside your car, home, furniture, carpets and drapes. Smoke residue in fabrics has also been proven to be carcinogenic.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Many people are successful with just one treatment. Acu-Pain offers two follow up treatments at no additional cost within the first six months following the initial treatment. Our goal to ensure your success.

Is Laser Therapy safe?

The use of laser therapy is safe, painless, drug free and highly effective. After 30 years of use, there are no known side effects associated with laser therapy. The benefits of laser therapy are well documented and over 2500 research reports have been published world-wide.